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它每年需要最少 (USD) 142.87,使用订阅计划:捍卫者、无名英雄、维护费等。可以完成任务,并在最后获得徽章

At the same time, we will raise funds for this domain next year, and hope it will survive.

It requires a minimum of (USD) 142.87 per year, using subscription plans: defenders, unknown heroes, maintenance fees, etc. Can complete the mission and get a badge at the end
You can also use the donation website buttons that appear everywhere!

uttons that appear everywhere!

About me /關於我 | 煦光閣GGAD同人/歐美二創

CP: EC. Europe and America. Marvel. GGAD

I live at the junction of two different worlds.
So I may be nothing but nothing.
Trying to live in harmony with diagnosed illnesses in life. I have a little understanding and interest in Chinese and Western literature, history, and medicine. Used to encounter loneliness, because this is what I do most often in reality.
I hope there are like-minded friends, if you read my article, please don't hesitate to reply! That's my source of motivation!

Since being kicked out by lof, Sy has often been unstable...I can only create this by myself~~ I want to keep in touch with my travel companions!

The establishment of this area, just hope that everyone can keep in touch and encourage each other to exchange daily!! Brain hole and stem!

ps The author of this picture is wyldraven[Contacting]

Shengsheng was forced to have many new skills by Lof/sy😶

I hope to see you all my travel companions again ✨ Forgive me for PS due to slowing down of illness, and also: Chinese is my other language, and I am learning traditional Chinese when I am studying.

Jane is for another use~ Please forgive me if there is a strange thing, please help me to correct it!!

Welcome to leave a message in the member chat or chat to see who will respond~ I will not bite people :)


About me /关于我: About
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