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[GGAD] [HP] I JUST ASSUMED I assume... [Preface must read]

From January 23, 2021 to June 06, 2021, it is blocked by LOF, and on June 14, 2021, continues here

Like the title, it's just an author hypothesis. Brain twitched. Maybe OOC, HE, LV fans please avoid

For the rest of the detailed settings, please see [001], the timeline is about before and after the fire cup. Accidentally turned into a long story...

The style of writing changes as it changes. All staff survived. See the homepage for details.

One sentence of the outline: how to lead the old black devil so that he can take back the little black devil.

Comment, hope to interact! Take your heart and hands! (=^_^=)

I really hope to get feedback

If you read this story or have comments or questions, please leave a message to discuss ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

If it is the beginning, let us put all these grievances aside.

Then everyone... It's easy to talk about it. Or the gossip heart is too heavy to see all the individual thoughts.

As long as this "war" can achieve the "best interests" of minimizing the victims

For the greater good! "For the greater good!" für das größere wohl!

In other words, we will never have a tragic event that sacrifices a lot of people.

(Yes, even Sirius Black hasn't sacrificed yet.)

Everyone in the Phoenix Society has been popularized by Newt. Scamander, and it is still a hypothetical concept that is entirely discerning.

Attention to the capital OOC! Attention to the capital OOC! Characters have low IQ, pay attention! The various CPs are uncertain, except for those listed on the title.

Rowling’s mind and my questions belong to me.

It's a brain hole! !

In time! Please make a detour to the party! I read HP books a long time ago.

To avoid translation problems, the names of the characters are all in the original language.

Special thanks to LOFTER collaborators: stop playing and ask for gold

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